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Upheld is a servicemark of the Artsho Corp.

General information
In remembrance of Nancy L. Maywald
Sponsored by the Artsho Corp.

A charity desiring to participate must:
1. have first applied directly with us
2. be willing to keep it plain & simple
3. be qualified according to the US IRS
4. be patient and cooperative.

Due to the exceedingly great number of
charities within the US, all cannot be
advertised within the program, nor are
we staffed to respond to every request.

Generally speaking, only one 'charity' is
allowed to advertise on a site at a time.
Any other advertising area on a site will
be used for a commercial customer.

Given your charity is finally selected,
the largest banner ad we will display is
728 x 90 pixels. You may use your own or
we'll provide a simple text (2 line) ad
for you - as shown on the example sites.

Examples of the scope of this advertising
may be inspected by visiting a few of the
numerous pages of either:

We have no affliation with the other .com
or .net sites with this same domain name.

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